Bitcoiners: ‘It Was Always About the Tech, not Price’

As bitcoin prices plummet nearly 50%, bitcoiners are reminding everyone that they’ve always been here for the tech and barely even notice the price.

I don’t even know what CoinMarketCap is and I haven’t looked at it in the last five minutes anyway” said @bitcoomer69 on Twitter. “For me, it’s always been about what BTC can do, which is, you know, like be in memes and on pizza boxes and stuff I think. I’m not really sure I’ve never used it except through Robinhood.”

Bitcoiners were quick to point out that they’ve never been in this as a get-rick-quick ponzi, but as a revolutionary libertarian tech that works no matter what the price. As one committed bitcoiner Tweeted:

Remember, this is about censorship resistance and that doesn’t change with price. As a way to show your solidarity with the ideas behind BTC, please please god stop fucking selling please.”

@btcsuperOGsinceforever weighed in, “It’s never been about the sick gainz like I tweeted every day this year until yesterday; it’s always – as long as I’ve been in it going way back to November 2020 – been about the revolution, which comes about when we all get sick gainz.”

Many are adding diamond emojis to their profiles as a way to show that it’s all about the tech and that they are strong enough to resist selling the $273 worth of BTC they own. And also because they couldn’t get their sell order to clear because the mempool is full.