Coinbase CEO: ‘Crypto Every Bit as Shitty as Traditional Banking’

TWITTER – Brian Armstrong, CEO of the now publicly traded Coinbase, Inc, assured skeptics that bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general pose no threat whatsoever to the traditional, corrupt, slow, backwards, bloodsucking government/banking cartel.

We want to clear up misconceptions. 99% of the crypto economy is on centralized exchanges totally beholden to banking oligarchs, bureaucratic overlords, and corrupt government agencies.”

Armstrong also combatted the idea that crypto can’t scale or operate efficiently.

More and more crypto projects have niched down to single use-cases as highly efficient Ponzi schemes, making the need for cumbersome features pretty much go away. Plus, the scaling problem has been solved by issuing innovative, trusted third party IOUs no one ever audits, which allows the supply to be regulated in secret by a handful of people in bed with banks and government.”

Crypto libertarians, cypherpunks, and anarchists of all stripes rejoiced the realization of their vision because price go up.