Obese Man in Brony Outfit Warns Blue Cartoon Deer Not to Fuck With Him

TWITTER – Things got heated yesterday in the crypto world, as a Twitter account run by a large man who wears My Little Pony outfits began threatening an account with a blue cartoon deer/man hybrid avatar.

The blue deer posted a Tweet comparing certain BTC fans to a minor character from the Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast, and BSV fans to a robot planet that eats other planets in the 1980s animated Transformers movie.

This was a volatile suggestion in an already unsteady relationship between bitcoin factions.

The BTC brony shot back with a photos of action figures he owns, many brandishing laser blasters and other fictional weapons. His friends – cartoon whale, panda, and chicken avatars – jumped in, also sharing images of various limited edition toys, clearly intended to intimidate.

The BSV deer only made things worse when he asked how big the brony’s antlers were.

Don’t fuck with me deer. My cartoon friends have more power than you’ll ever know.” read the final ominous tweet in the exchange.

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