BSV Founder Paid by Rich Guy Decries VC Backed Apps

In a heated discussion on YouTube, BSV app builders funded by VCs were excoriated by BSV app builders funded by rich guys who give them enough money to work full time on their business in exchange for some of the upside.

Only losers take Venture Cuckpital. Real entrepreneurs bootstrap their way to success. We focus on profit.” Said one of the anti-VC founders whose app brings in as much as a few dollars a day and is unprofitable.

Unlike these VC-backed teams that can afford to sit around all day because their salary is paid by some investor, we are able to build full-time because our salaries are paid by a guy who has a lot of money and gave us some of it. This makes us more accountable.”

The other anti-VC BSV app builder on the video is in a slightly different situation.

I am nimble and quick because I haven’t raised any VC, but I haven’t yet gotten a rich guy to give me money in exchange for a piece of my company either, so I’m barely able to work on it and the bugs are so bad no one wants to use it. Still, the idea is revolutionary and I’m sure someone who doesn’t have to drive busses all day to pay for food will build a better version and beat me to market. Really makes me feel like I’m a part of things and not selling out!”

The discussion centered on how much better it is to be truly accountable to users and the revenue they generate, which is able to cover almost none of their expenses and won’t for several years, instead of trying to build some VC-backed money-losing venture for years and hoping it gets big later.

It’s a new era. VC is dead. No one should take it. If you want to dedicate all your time to building an app, just find a rich guy to come up with some terms for giving you some money to build it. It’s a radical new approach that looks nothing like the old one.