BCH Fan Shocked by /r/bitcoin Ban on 50th anniversary of BCH

On August 1, 2067, the user known as u/BCH4Eva posted on the btc subreddit about the censorship that his first post ever was encountering on the bitcoin subreddit.

Under the title “/r/bitcoin censorship! I have been banned without a reason!”. The user articulated his shock at finding himself banned from the /r/bitcoin subreddit without even a warning.

“All I did was say that Bitcoin cash was the real bitcoin and that BTC was a shitcoin that is useless for commerce due to high fees. Can you believe that I was banned for absolutely no reason? I can’t believe that this unfair banning occurred, I thought btc was censorship free money?”.

It was not a surprise that such a compelling story quickly broke through the noise of new posts, consisting almost exclusively of BCH sticker photos and videos of someone buying a cup of coffee using BCH. The comment really resounded with the audience, quickly capturing the attention of many of the subreddit commenters who shared their views about this injustice. Many of whom shared their own past experiences of censorship on the bitcoin subreddit.

“Censorship being practiced by mods who live in countries that cherish freedom of speech?? Incredible”– F*@KSociety

“I was permabanned back in 2043 after I posted about how fast and cheap BCH payments were and shockingly the mods banned me for promoting an altcoin. Don’t they know that BCH is the real bitcoin??”– BCHBullBullBull

“Man, this censorship has been a thing for a while now, I got banned on 37 of my old accounts asking why the 1MB block size limit has not been raised and asked if there was a Bitcoin that allowed cheap and easy peer to peer electronic payments as Satoshi intended. These blockstream paid shill mods are out of control!”– TwitterPumpPromoter_1

“I got banned from /r/bitcoin for simply saying that the btc subreddit was the best place for censorship free discussion about the real Bitcoin (BCH), can you believe it? It wasn’t even at the top thread; it was ten comments down!”– BCHIsTheFutureAMA

When mods of the /r/bitcoin were reached for comment, they simply referred to rule #6 & #7 on the list of rules that is on every page that states “do not promote contentious hard forks” and “do not promote altcoins”. They also noted that the list has not changed in 56 years. This reporter found it to be a surreal moment, like one right out of Soviet Russia or the novel 1984.

BCH4Eva’s post had been rapidly upvoted, almost to the top of /r/btc subreddit. At the time of reporting, it was only topped by a 15 second video post from Roger Ver of two of his good looking female Japanese employees wearing branded t-shirts and saying “bitcoin cash” in English.

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