‘It’s Not About Price’ Guy Celebrates BSV Price Spike

A BSV fan who goes by @itsnotaboutprice on Twitter, and is known for arguing that price is not an indicator of success, is celebrating the recent surge in the price of BSV, which he says is a clear indicator of success.

His tweets last week read,

I want to remind all the speculators on BTC, ETH and every other token that price does not equal utility or mean that your coin is winning. In fact, a fast rising price is a sign that you are a part of a scam that’s about to collapse.


Unlike scammers in BTC and ETH, in BSV we don’t wish for others to ‘get rekt’.”


I don’t even know the price of BSV right now. I’ve never checked. I only know how useful it is and therefore how successful it will be. We build. We don’t trade.”

Yesterday, he was celebrating what he believes to be a big win for BSV.

The price of BSV is rising every few seconds. I constantly check it. There is no stronger sign of the value of this coin. I’ve been busy trading on TDXP and liquidating shorts cause that’s what I do.”


I’d like to remind you that BSV is rising faster than other coins because the market knows it’s not a scam. Prepare to get rekt if you’re not on the original BitCoin.”

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