BTC and BSV Libertarians Debate Which Parts of the State They Love Best

A heated argument broke out today between free-market libertarians who favor BTC and those who favor BSV. At issue was which parts of the bloated, corrupt, illegitimate state they love most.

BTC libertarians were quick to argue the merits of the SEC as a tool to curb competition, the glories of regulated fiat onramps, banking cartels who invest in bitcoin, and the national security state when Peter Thiel mentions it.

BSV libertarians saved most of their adoration for the incorruptible court system, the role of patent trolling as a means to fend off innovation, and prosecution of victimless crimes by intelligence and enforcement agencies who definitely never hurt innocent people.

BTC libertarians upped the ante by indicating they will ardently support any and every action any government takes no matter how oppressive as long as the price of bitcoin rises. They say it’s the market’s way of showing what really matters.

BSV libertarians, on the other hand, believe that the market is fundamentally wrong about the price of bitcoin because investors and crypto experts don’t understand it, but geriatric judges who have never used the internet will set things straight.

TST will continue to monitor this debate and post updates.

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