Statement on TST Reporting of ‘Tainted Tendies’

At The Soon Times we take our job of trustless, zero-confirmation reporting seriously. We sometimes put in a moderate amount of work to ensure our sources are pretty good.

Last week, as the social media site Twetch released $tendies, a one of a kind rotating picture of a piece of fried chicken, we received insider information from trustless sources that some of the tendies were tainted with Salmonella.

We are always up to the minute during times when we feel like reporting, and this happened to be one of those times, so we began live-Twetching the story as we gathered info.

We later discovered (after a few minutes of looking into it with a little bit of effort) that the entire story was fabricated as an April Fool’s joke. Probably by Greg Maxwell.

We are sorry to say that our reporting caused damage to the entire tendie community, and it may have even caused some to lash out at tendies and tendie holders. We assure you, this specific error involving Twetches about tendies on the day they are released won’t ever happen again. That is TST’s commitment to you.

In the name of transparency, though it pains us to draw more attention to it, here a full list of our coverage throughout tendiegate:

*Correction: After more deliberation, the reporters in question received a stern talking to and were forced to watch the entirety of The Theory of Bitcoin series on YouTube, which we believe is even worse than being fired from TST.

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