Litecoin Founder Who Spent $50 Developing LTC and Sold the Top Questions Calvin Ayre’s Commitment to BSV

Charlie Lee, who created the bitcoin spinoff Litecoin, recently accused controversial BSV investor and promoter Calvin Ayre of not having any skin in the game and just trying to con people with BSV.

“After I accidentally spun up Litecoin and never provided any meaningful development or support, everyone knew I was committed”, said Lee, while sipping an umbrella drink on his Yacht named “Got-Away-With-It”.

“Proof of my commitment and skin in the game only increased when I got 100% of my skin out of the game and sold the absolute top for tons of money and haven’t touched LTC since.”

Lee said Calvin Ayre, who has spent millions to acquire mining companies, hire nearly 100 full-time protocol developers, build media businesses, host conferences across the world, invest in startups, create non-profit associations, and put his entire public reputation on the line for BSV has, “No signs of real commitment.”

Lee suggested you can’t really trust someone who stands to lose nothing if his project fails in the future, and warned against the types who suddenly get “lucky” when their coin gets listed on Coinbase and they bolt with the money.

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