Pomp’s Banal Bitcoin Tweet Sends Price Surging

Popular photogenic Twitter personality Anthony Pompliano, aka “Pomp”, sent markets into a tizzy with a single Tweet yesterday.

The current price of Bitcoin is whatever it’s trading at”, read the inane Tweet.

Markets reacted with a swift 20% increase in the price of BTC, and Pomp was invited on to MSNBC to explain his Tweet for the many financial analysts who found it difficult to follow.

The reason this particular Tweet was such a market mover is because it really stood out from Pomp’s other two dozen bitcoin Tweets yesterday”, said bitcoin thought leader Meltem Demirors, alluding to 22 earlier posts where Pomp reassured bitcoin Twitter by posting variations of, “I like bitcoin”. The posts garnered several thousand retweets and tens of thousands of likes by deeply philosophical and completely not crazed bitcoin investors.

Markets are awaiting Pomp’s first Tweet of the day today. Sources close to the influencer hint, “It may be something trite and pro bitcoin”.

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