Alex Jones Claims NSA Hackers Turning Frog Avatars Gay

Since the launch of the social media app Twetch, run by a frog called “Elon Moist”, other frog-themed avatars and accounts have proliferated on the platform. Now some claim they’ve observed newer frog avatars having lower testosterone and higher prevalence of digital hermaphroditism.

InfoWars’ Alex Jones proposed a theory in a recent tirade on his show,

You think the NSA doesn’t see what’s going on with Twetch? You think they’re just gonna let these brash frog characters challenge their dominance? No! The Globalists are everywhere. They’re messing with all our tech behind the scenes and lying about it. I happen to know from an inside source that the NSA has infiltrated Twetch and is trying to turn the freakin’ frog avatars gay!”

Most of the frogs of Twetch post things like, “Go off king” and “f*kn frog energy bro”. But recent frog-themed accounts seem to be more ambiguous and passive in their approach. Jones claims this is due to NSA infiltrators attempting to “syphon off their life-force”.

It’s not gay frogs that concern me”, Jones said, “I have gay frog friends. The point is these Globalists are messing around trying to digitally castrate Twetch frogs so the population loses the ability to grow.”

When TST reached out to Twetch for comment, they replied with a screenshot of a Tweet they sent to the NSA issuing a pre-emptive ban for all “glowies and stooges”.

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