Token of Token of Token Selling for 20x Original Token

A marijuana themed token on the BSV blockchain has been tokenized, and that token tokenized.

The ‘Tokin’ token’ was issued as a way for pot enthusiasts to have something familiar to look at in their wallet while high, but after a dramatic price spike upon release, the creators realized they could not only tokenize interest in weed, but they could tokenize interest in the token.

The Tokin’ token token was launched. It quickly surpassed the original Tokin’ token in price, and led to the breakthrough idea of the Tokin’ token token token – a token of a token of the original Tokin’ token. It is now trading at $2,000 per Tttt, which is 20x greater than the price of Tt. It is unclear what any of the tokens do.

The project was a collaboration between hypertokenization advocate Josh Henslee and hypertokinization advocate PurpleHaze420.

I was really stoked when I got this idea to, like, launch a token while I was tokin’, you know?” Haze told TST. “I feel like people really dig weed, and tokens are like a big deal, right? So, like, why not tokenize that shit, am I right?”

Haze approached Henslee for help on the project and found immediate enthusiasm.

Sure I guess I can mint that token“, Josh told Haze, in his typical hype-man style.

When the token launched, both men insisted it was just a fun experiment and warned people not to take it too seriously. The whitepaper – scrawled on papers used to roll joints – simply said, “Tokin’ token is fucking here bro! But like, use at your own risk.” Despite not offering the merest suggestion of an potential utility, the token was a massive hit and accrued a market cap of $100M USD in the first 24 hours of trading.

This gave us the idea to really pioneer something here. I mean like why stop at tokenizing one thing when you can tokenize the tokens themselves, and then tokenize that? It’s like that Zen thing, like fucking tokens all the way down you know?” Haze added.

Henslee said, he is currently exploring the possibility of a Tokin’ token token token token that could cross swap between different token protocols and potentially be paired with an NFT that allows the holder the rights to toke on an real-life marijuana cigarette and record each puff on chain.

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