Sale of Novelty Waffle Cookie Proves BCH “More Than Just a Plaything”

AUSTRALIA – Two little girls selling waffle cookies agreed, after a three hour lecture by BCH evangelist Hayden Otto, to accept BCH payment for one of their items.

After some haggling over price, Otto set up a wallet on the phone of the girls mother, sent her $1.50 in BCH, took his cookie, and left them with seven boxes of “BCH accepted here” stickers.

“This proves BCH is more than some little hobby for idealists” Otto said, as he updated a chart he maintains on BCH usage. “I think it’s safe to say each of those boxes of 2,000 stickers will go to other merchants who will undoubtedly conduct at least 10 BCH transactions each this month, so that’s 140,000 new BCH users. Not bad for a day’s work.”

Otto has been aggressively spreading the good word of BCH and documenting his successes on various BCH social media platforms, sometimes garnering double-digit likes.

“A lot of people think BCH usage is just some sort of gimmick. I think we saw with these girls today it’s anything but. People are relying on it in real commerce. These girls are making a living because of BCH. And let’s just see the Australian Tax Authority try to take a slice of that transaction!”

The girls asked their mother if she could “just give us normal money”, which she did. Soon after, she lost her twelve word seed phrase and couldn’t access her BCH.

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