A Look Into the Starving BSV Developer’s World

The Soon Times recently sat down with developers in the BSV ecosystem to get a better understanding of what motivates them and how the rubber hits the road. Join us on this dive into the culture surrounding the ‘real’ bitcoin development.

“It was day three of my fast when all the pieces started coming together. This was so much more than myself. Every. Waking. Moment. Must. Build. For. The. World. Profit, material trappings, they are nothing more than a distraction and illusion!” – BSV developer

The enthusiasm was thick in this TST investigative reporter’s office; a corner table at a Silicon Valley Starbucks so frequented as to have an unmistakable odor, and repetitive use marks on the table surface.

The young developer was consumed with passion, albeit gaunt and pale. Upon inquiries related to his health, TST was given a detailed cost-benefit analysis on obtaining calories solely from Ramen in order to fund his dream of seeing hashes of hashes of rack and pinion steering schematics recorded immutably for all time on the one real original global source of truth timestamp server.

“A lot of developers from other projects get caught up in short-sightedly seeking wealth and comfort; I don’t think they realize the benefits of the path I have chosen. I’ll sleep when I die. I’ll eat expensive meat again only with profits from my business. If I get one single user, then it was all worth it.”

[Editor’s note: in picking up his Dell laptop the developer collapsed, though not to worry, TST in their eminent diligence notified the barista, who comped an orange juice to aid in resuscitation and removal from the premises.]

There were many questions left unanswered; but with the ambulance taking the developer off to a three-week coding boot camp and this reporter not being the sort to leave such a good story uncovered, TST next met with a leading crypto-economist from twitter to have a wider look at the mechanics of ecosystem development.

After fold.apping himself a venti Karpelechino, he got right into breaking down the nuts and bolts of the standard token project investment and development cycles.

“You can think of it like a virtuous cycle of development and investment- speculators; be they laymen, or scammers, or criminals, they buy up the token. This raises the price of the token; which causes other investors, the ones who use price signals to determine how to allocate resources- this allows them to see the token on the charts and speculate upon it. As it turns out, the market system of prices is the ultimate solution to aid in determining how to allocate resources, and in the marketplace of crypto-tokens, this sort of price scambling translates into development interest”

“BSV development, on the other hand, a cutting edge peer-to-peer cash system still working on its basic peer-to-peer transaction methodology and general development toolkits, and so being unable to generate revenue for any of its participants, is more of a lifestyle. At first it was just how it was for the early BSV entrepreneurs who worked a lot and didn’t make any money but over time it became something more. A calling. A way of being. The path.”

“Preliminary efficacy analysis models put the standard well-fed developer from the Ethereum ecosystem at a value ratio of three per only one starving BSV developer. If BSV is able to churn out builders of this sort of ideological refinement continuously then there is no stopping it in 35 years.”

TST was intrigued at the analysis, but further questions were ignored as the interviewee got caught up in managing his 3x BSV short position.

“Even if you can’t or wont short the BSV price yourself, you can still mock the idiots who can’t code and keep making crappy bets so that they stop trying to pump the token price and leave”, noted one key BSV ecosystem player under condition of ID-linked pseudonymity. “Real utility needs developers who hold long-term conviction of the technology and are determined to build on the vision, not those who cast their minds into daily price speculations.”

Remember, only you can be the Starving Developer you want to see in the world.

Contributed to TST by an intrepid investigative reporter from our vast network. Feel free to reach out to the author. Contact information available through the standard discovery process.

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