Everyone Pretends to Understand Daniel Krawisz Video

Daniel Krawisz released a Bitcoin Stuff video on Streamanity, and everyone who has watched it is complimenting the creator on its brilliance in ways that make them appear to understand its contents, but don’t commit them to any particular interpretation or explanation.

“It’s really brilliant how you talk about Disney’s Moana, Gödel, and Julian Jaynes work on the bicameral mind being like a big banana pool float”, said one Twetch user, “I have always thought of the BitCoin network like that.”

Others were inspired to change their Twitter bios to include references to the video, or add peacock tails to their profile photos.

“Daniel is the only person in crypto who speaks honestly and clearly”, said a commenter on the video, “When he said bitcoin is a machine that connects love to light the way thumbtacks in the sky connect obelisks to the Transformers movie, everything just clicked. The man has big antlers.”

Over on the social networking site PowPing, the video was re-shared hundreds of times with commentary like, “This video made so much sense, I totally understood it. I love all the points it made but I won’t tell you what they are except in riddles, because that’s how I stay at the center of the Boolean-style fungi network of people who act crazy to be smart. Just watch it. Trust me.” (We attempted follow-up with some of the PowPing users, but login was not working.)

BSV investment firm Unbounded Capital issued a 37 page report on the video and announced that, “The part about Dyson Sphere clowns at a kids birthday party revealed to us unprecedented upside and has convinced us to increase our exposure to BSV by 200%”.

When directly asked what the video was about, none of the viewers could answer, except to quote or reference a random assortment of strange images from it.

TST reached out to Krawisz, who replied only with hand-drawn picture of a dragon guarding a pile of gold.

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