Study: 100% of Individuals with Lightning Emojis in Their Twitter Profile Have Never Used LN

TWITTER – A study conducted by the Social Media Avatar Research Trust concluded that every single user with a lightning emoji in their username has no idea how to use the Lightning Network and has never attempted to use it.

The same results were found for users with “LN” in their profile, or who have ever Tweeted hashtags like #LN, #LightningNetwork, or #SecondLayerSolutions.

The study found thousands of BTC enthusiast accounts (a few of which even seem to be run by real humans) Tweeting about how, “Second layer solutions like LN solve payments”, and followed up to see if the users could explain how LN worked, knew how to use it, had ever attempted to use it, or knew anyone who had attempted to use it. 100% of them answered ‘no’ to all questions when pushed to provide proof.

However, 50% of those surveyed did say they, “Read a Tweet about that one developer guy who said he used it and it worked great and he posted a video of it I never watched.”

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