Single Anonymous Twitter Account Controls 60% of Decentralized Currencies

Cryptocurrency promises to remove power from the hands of the few and distribute it broadly, making it impossible to have a single point of failure. At least that’s the argument made by the anonymous Twitter account that controls 60% of all cryptocurrencies.

Twitter user @duckbergpill has launched over 1,000 cryptocurrencies, is the sole moderator for 17 crypto subreddits, and has premined 80% of the supply nearly every altcoin. The anonymous user often Tweets about creating unhackable, incorruptible, distributed systems for everything from finance to governance to anime memes.

It’s high time we brought some transparency, accountability, and decentralization to the world,” Tweeted the mysterious, elusive, unknown, unaudited, central repository of more than half the market cap in crypto. “Trust me. Trustlessness is long past due.”

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