Man Who’s Never Had Money Can Teach You How It Works

NY man David Ragnar has lived in his parents basement his entire adult life and never really made money. He’s lost plenty on various investment schemes and attempts at selling things online, and even managed to have a net loss during his brief stint as an Uber driver.

Now Ragnar is offering a series of webinars explaining, “How Money Works”, that focuses on the complex history of media of exchange, the emergence of fiat, fractional reserve banking, how the entire financial market works, what’s wrong with it, how wealth is built, and how “Hyperbitcoinization” will fix everything.

I really want to share my deep insights about the new world that will be built on a Bitcoin standard as markets move away from the fiat money system”, Said the unemployed Ragnar, “So packaging these insights into webinars just makes sense. I’ve been studying the Winklevoss twins’ Tweets for a few years now, plus a few other Bitcoin influencers, so I guess you could say I’ve got a good grasp on global finance and monetary theory”.

So far 17,000 people have RSVP’d for the webinar, and Ragnar has been invited onto MSNBC to explain to their financial markets desk how money works.

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