Crypto Guy Constantly Uses Phrase “Schelling Point” for No Apparent Reason

SANTA CLARA, CA – Rob Seitzmore encountered cryptocurrency in 2016 through the popular social media site Reddit. Since then, he has developed a verbal tick; the inability to say more than three sentences without including the phrase, “Schelling Point” or other references to game theory even when not at all applicable.

“First it was just sort of a funny thing. Seitz has always been a little cocky and nerdy and sorta likes to flaunt new words he hears in forums.” Said longtime friend Geoff Dingle. “We’d all be meeting up on the weekend at our favorite bar and he’d call it our ‘Schelling Point’. We just laughed. Over time it got a lot worse and now he’s hardly able to communicate.”

Seitzmore denies his use of improperly applied game theoretical academic jargon is a problem. “The thing about Schelling Points is that you don’t need communication. Me using the phrase Schelling Point is sort of like its own Schelling Point.”

His ex-girlfriend told TST she left him, “bags and all”, for someone capable of human conversation and who doesn’t need to imitate Vitalik Buterin to feel powerful.

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