BSV Investors Liquidate Holdings into BTC After Watching “Numpties” Episode

“The Numpties”, hosted on a BSV powered alternative to YouTube called Streamanity, on which you pay BSV to view content, discussed the history and technical merits of BTC in an effort to steelman the arguments laid out by small blockers.

The group unanimously reached the conclusion that “number go up”.

Shortly after the podcast aired, the price of BSV quickly plummeted to $5 USD as users and investors rushed to the exits, convinced their dreams of a bitcoin powered internet where everyone owned their own data and microtransactions enabled all interactions was just a delusion fueled by logical and rational thinking and would never be realized.

In clear correlation, the price of BTC surged to an all time high of $69,431, as revered developers and talking heads in the BSV space, including Jack C. Liu of RelayX and Daniel Krawisz of Matterpool, pivoted their Twitter accounts to include laser eyes in their profile pictures, and eagerly began smack talking users who had questions regarding BTC.

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