Joe Rogan Becomes Convinced of the Merits of BSV by Random Twitter Commenter

TWITTER – Popular podcast host Joe Rogan Tweeted a segment from his show yesterday, in which he said,

Bitcoin seems pretty fucking interesting man. I wonder if you think that up on DMT. Can you imagine if gorillas were using this shit? You know they can use tools and shit, right? Like they learn to take those sticks and get ants with them.

In minutes, the Tweet was inundated by very smart and socially capable people with the words “SV”, “BSV”, “Satoshi’s Vision”, and “Craig Wright” in their Twitter names, letting Rogan know that BitcoinSV is the true Bitcoin and Craig Wright will sue Joe’s show if he fails to acknowledge it.

The first commenter, @therealredpillisbsv said,

Funny you should use the word “use” Joe, as you can’t use BTC thanks to the tiny block size implemented by developers who stole Satoshi’s code after he walked away from the project. It would be really enlightening if you had Dr. Craig Steven Wright on your show to help you understand. He will win all his court cases and has 17 degrees.”

A fierce back and forth ensued with some BTC supporters, who seemed to dedicate 23.5 hours a day to refuting similar comments from BSV fans on other celebrity tweets. But it was too late. The comment was posted and Joe could no longer be shielded from the truth about BSV.

The multimillionaire celebrity reads every comment on every Tweet, and the comment immediately won Rogan over. He has now accepted BSV into his heart and denounced all others, and big things are expected from his team soon.

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