Bitcoiners: Code Written by Humans Definitely Can’t be Corrupted by Humans

Frustrated with the corruption of politics, many see Bitcoin as the solution. The phrase, “Bitcoin fixes this” has become a rallying cry among those who want a better world and also want to get rich without working.

The problem with laws and Constitutions is they are words written and maintained by humans,” a Bitcoin activist who wished to remain anonymous told TST. “Bitcoin, on the other hand, is code written and maintained by humans, so it’s totally different.”

“A small group of ‘experts’ thinks they can determine the rules and laws we live by, or control the money supply. I think that’s bullshit. That’s why I support everything the small group of developers who control the bitcoin code do.”

And so far, it’s worked. The code has been altered frequently, power struggles and ideological rifts constant, endless Sybil attacks, social manipulations, and half a dozen alternate versions forked off, not to mention thousands of altcoins. Governments have effectively frozen coins, traced transactions to their origins, and pressured industry players to alter their actions. Every on and off ramp is tightly controlled by governments and banking cartels, and the price is a direct result of vested interests in the heavily regulated financial industry.

It’s just great to know that we finally have something that can’t be touched by governments or other bad actors” our source said.

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