Technical Analyst Wonders Why No One Else Seems to See the Obvious Platypus Pattern

Bran Jadsen has been reading crypto investment charts for a very long time. He cut his teeth in the bull market of 2017, earning a reputation for correctly predicting rising prices of altcoins at a time when everything went up no matter what.

I was saying ‘It’s going up. It’s all going up!’ at a time when everything was going up, that’s sort of my claim to fame. I can see things in the charts.”

His prediction that LiteralScamCoin was a smart buy netted him 400% return in just four days, just 3x less than if he had invested in literally any other coin during that frenzied time or hired a blind monkey to throw darts at CoinMarketCap.

After “taking a break” from making YouTube videos between January, 2018 and December, 2020, Bran is back to offer his technical analysis and explain what the charts mean.

“I’m blown away at how obvious these buy signals are. Take a look at this chart for Polkadot, for example. We have a Turtles Humping pattern clear as day, followed by a False Dead Cat Bounce, which trends right into a reverse Platypus Giving Birth inside a Tea Cup. What does that mean? Couldn’t be simpler. It means if the price drops more than 5% it will either keep dropping or start rising, with a slight chance of holding steady, BUT, if the price rises more than 5%, it will either keep rising or start dropping, with a slight chance of doing nothing for a bit. It’s kind of a basic downsloping reverse Elliot Wave with a Left-Hand Break.”

Bran’s newest YouTube video has been viewed over 2M times after just 24 hours by sober-minded investors who are not subject to the animal spirits.

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