New Fun Puzzle App ‘Proves Enterprise is Coming’ to BSV

SAN FRANCISCO – A group of BSV investors is touting the latest app in their portfolio, a game called BitSmiles where users swipe a button for $0.0001 to re-arrange a smiley face puzzle back to its normal shape.

We’ve been laying the groundwork for enterprise on BSV for some time, and this latest app proves that that time is soon.” A spokesperson for the VC firm said.

The newest app is taking off in the burgeoning BSV community, reaching heights not seen since Realm Rank, a game that let people pay money to have their name listed next to other people who paid money.

The Spokesperson added,

There are a lot of people who feel that BSVs reputation and bad PR will prevent large enterprises from building on it. We don’t believe that, which is why we set out to invest in big, enterprise-facing ventures, and we feel this newest little consumer app proves our thesis.”

The rise of BitSmiles adds competitive pressure to others in the BSV gaming world, like the one where you tap a dot on the screen and the one where you feed ducks little bits of BSV.

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