Tether Sends Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” Video to AG as Evidence of No Wrongdoing

After mounting, totally unfair criticism over the fact that Tether was lying to everyone the entire time about backing their USDT currency 1:1 with USD, the company provided additional evidence to the New York Attorney General’s office via email to clear things up.

The email, touted as “Irrefutable proof” of Tether’s innocence, included only a link to the music video for the popular 2000 song “It Wasn’t Me” by the artist Shaggy. Tether Tweeted about the new evidence:

“This song is both catchy and knock-down proof that we did nothing wrong. The fact that there are documents proving irrefutably that we held just 13.5% of the 100% USD reserves our entire business model and single promise to customers requires is just a silly distraction from the fact that we are, like, totally legit.”

The Attorney General’s office had trouble opening the file, as their email system does not know how to handle hyperlinks, and they have not responded to TST for comment.

Around the Twittersphere, crypto enthusiasts are cheering this new evidence as more proof of a massive FUD conspiracy by Tether skeptics.

Even without this song, which totally shows it wasn’t Tether, I was never worried about any kind of scam here, despite Tweeting just a few years ago that Tether was totally a scam. They’ve pumped my bags a lot since then, and that can’t happen unless you’re legit” said Bitcoin permabull Anthony Pompliano. “Besides, so what if they lied to all their customers and committed fraud. The Federal Reserve is a fraud too. Basically my belief is that something can’t be bad if the government does it.”

Later in the day, an additional 100M USDT were minted, totally, completely, for sure 100% backed.

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