Twitter Mob Calls Roger Ver ‘Piece of Shit’ for Offering to Send them BCH for Free

TWITTER – Bitcoin investor, evangelist, and business owner Roger Ver, once called “Bitcoin Jesus”, faces major backlash over his controversial practice of kindly offering to send people a few dollars worth of BCH instantly for free with no strings attached.

“I won’t fall for your fucking scam you disgusting Judas. Go sell your shitcoin bcrash trash cash somewhere else. @jack can you kick this guy off Twitter? He’s fucking with OG maxi energy” said user @definitelynotgregmaxwellsburner, who joined Twitter yesterday and whose only Tweets are comments on Mr. Ver’s account.

An army of BTC-loving Twitter users attacked Ver for his radical and offensive use of the words “instant”, “low fees”, and “peer-to-peer electronic cash system”, which are antithetical to everything Bitcoiners have been about in their long history which began in 2016.

“You have no respect for bitcoin’s purpose – stacking sats. I’ve been in the game almost as long as you shitbag scammer, and I’ve been able to stack almost as many sats as I’ve paid in network fees. You have no commitment like us laser eyed maxis” one user said to Ver, who has obtained and given away more bitcoin than any other person on the planet and invested in nearly every company that makes bitcoin possible today.

Ver’s response to the comments didn’t help, as he seems determined to stir the pot.

“If you give me your wallet address, I will send you $1 of BCH so you can try it out and see how fun it is”, the arrogant asshole had the nerve to say.

User @lightningwillcum was having none of it. “As soon as I can afford to move out of my moms basement, I’m gonna kick that guys ass”.

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