Craig Wright Launches New Landmark Post

“Bitcoin is not magic internet money. It is not the “blockchain”–nor is it a crypto currency… hehe! hoho!”, Craig Wright riddled Thrusday afternoon.

Following-up a post titled, “Sorry I am walking out the door this very moment to go to University for months for very important work” the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin revealed more of Bitcoin’s foundational history and his stance on future development.

“It’s not about numbers! Ooo-hooohooo,” he cooed, rocking and pulling at the ends of his socks. “Don’t you know what Bitcoin is?!” Dr. Wright continued in an uninterrupted string of seven or eight multi-paragraph chats. “There is no such thing as a smart-contract–codes are not law! Law is law. It’s not a revolution! It’s not digital gold!” “Won’t you guess?! You have just three guesses left! Perchance a clue, ahoohoohoo!”

“Go back to the whitepaper,” he suggested wryly, “Look in the margin! What don’t you see! The margin is the bridge, but bridges are made to burn! Charles?! Calvin?”

At time of publication seven or eight people in discord had acknowledged Professor Wright’s screed with emojis.

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