Adam Back Really Wants You to Know He’s Definitely Not Satoshi

A recent YouTube video claiming Adam Back is the man behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, and the inventor of Bitcoin, is being shared and referenced repeatedly by Back on Twitter.

Did you see this video? Did everyone see this? Crazy right? I mean you’d have to be crazy NOT to think I’m Satoshi after seeing THIS evidence because it’s so compelling and everything lines up so perfectly and even I can’t refute some of these ‘coincidences’ so I would not fault anyone at all for believing 100% that I’m Satoshi. In fact if you didn’t believe it I might question your intelligence because the dots connect SO WELL. But guys what can I say, inexplicably I’m really probably not Satoshi.”

Commenters on the Twitter thread unanimously agree that Back was definitely not Satoshi and pointed out reasons why they’d never believed that in the first place. Back quickly batted down claims that it was impossible, while at the same time kind of implying it wasn’t true.

I can’t believe anyone would say this video is false. I mean it is, because, hehe, I’m not Satoshi, right? But ALL the evidence is there and all the smartest people think I’m Satoshi and that’s reasonable of them.”

Two weeks later, when no one seemed to be talking about the video or the theory, Back brought it up again.

You guys remember that crazy video with that totally plausible theory about me being Satoshi. So wild what people claim about you when you’re an expert who could have totally done what Satoshi did and would totally have been secretive about it and not sought recognition.”

As of press time, the latest Tweet has no likes or comments.

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