Crypto Enthusiast Excited About Innovative Tax Preparations

MINNEAPOLIS – Area man Aaron Gainspoor has incurred tax liabilities through the use of several small, experimental apps that use tiny crypto payments to play games, pet dogs, buy JPGs, post, like, comment, and share content.

Gainspoor wanted to be fully legally compliant, so he began taking advanced courses in accounting and tax law so he could figure out how to file a basic return. 

Gainspoor says he’s actually looking forward to doing his crypto taxes this year.

“At first, I just thought these were just cool platforms, but later on, I learned that every single click and action was a taxable event, even when I’m not on the app, if other people engage with my stuff, taxable events just stream in like magic during my sleep! I was like, ‘cool’ now I get to learn tax law in addition to using fun new apps.”

He went on to say that not only is he paying for many apps and social media experiences that are typically free, but he is also now paying for tax software and courses to help him file his several dollars worth of liabilities.

Those who know Gainspoor see him as a futurist. He told TST,

“I wanted to use these futuristic apps as a learning experience. I’m looking forward to the day when grandma joins and I get to teach her tax law and accounting too; not to mention exchange rates between various tokens built on tokens, and currencies with multiple names, depending on the denomination.”

As of now, Mr. Gainspoor has spent several hundred dollars on tax software in order to properly file his taxes, though none of the software or accountants he’s consulted seem to understand how to do it properly yet. He looks forward to a day when his family members will join him.

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